5 Easy Ways to Expand Language During Home Activities


1.) As you’re putting clothes into the washing machine/dryer, practice pronouns by labeling clothing with pronouns including, my, your, her, his. Work on phrases, my shirt/your pants and ask your child which one to put in the washing machine next. Practice possessive pronouns by using family member names when labeling the clothing!

2.) Practice the concepts same and different by sorting socks into pairs. Use yes/no questions, “Are these the same?”. For preschoolers, expand to ask “how are they the same/different” if they’re already great at sorting.

3.) Target answering where questions as you’re putting away everyone’s clothing items. Ask your child to lead you to each location, by asking questions such as, “Where do your pajamas go?” Give choices if your child needs more support!

4.) Practice location concepts by having your child help you with dusting using a rag/towel! Ask him/her to dust under the chair, on top of the table, between the books, etc. Use pointing or provide a model if your child has trouble understanding these concepts.

5.) Have your child help de-clutter and work on quantity concepts! Ask him/her to get all the papers off the table, one cup from the counter, all the toys from the rug. Expand to work on location concepts by telling your child where to put the objects (e.g., in the garbage, in the dish washer, in your toy bin).

by Megan Daly, MA, CCC-SLP


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