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At the Clubhouse, our team of experienced therapists work together to create an individualized treatment plan that’s right for your child. Together, alongside our families, we can achieve meaningful outcomes and life-changing goals.

child working on stuttering with speech therapist

Speech therapy differs for each child, but can cover a variety of topics including listening skills, language comprehension, verbal expression, speech production, phonological awareness, auditory processing, and ever-important social use of language. Our therapists tailor each session around your child’s unique interests and provide parents and caregivers with an individualized plan for success outside of the clinic. The Clubhouse is proud to offer speech therapy services in English, Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, ASL, and for those who communicate using AAC and other related devices.

child using obstacle course in occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on addressing a child’s ability to engage in everyday activities, including motor skills, focus, and peer socialization. These skills can be hindered if they experience disruptions in their sensory processing.

At the Clubhouse, our pediatric occupational therapy team is committed to providing outstanding comprehensive care for your child. At the heart of our approach is the unique integration of multiple specialties under one roof, ensuring that every child receives tailored support that spans beyond conventional therapy.

children in group aba therapy session

ABA Therapy is an essential component of our comprehensive autism services program, playing a pivotal role in helping children reach their full potential. Today’s ABA Therapy is a collaborative and compassionate therapy approach, designed to decrease behavioral barriers to learning by teaching core skills in a supportive environment. Through individualized plans and a child-led approach, our dedicated team works to achieve meaningful and life-changing goals, empowering children to thrive both academically and socially.

the clubhouse pediatric therapy center at community event

Clubhouse Kids is a developmental and therapeutic day program designed to prepare our young learners for a seamless transition into school. Our program focuses on teaching essential classroom routines, engaging children in group activities, and developing vital social skills.

Within each group, our team focuses on integrating early childhood skills, individualized therapy, and social group learning to ensure every child has the opportunity to thrive. Our mission is to create a fun, supportive, and engaging environment that nurtures social, communication, and life skills and helps each child prepare for the next step in their journey.

We understand that everyday life is full of complex problems that we don’t always have the answers to on our own. That’s where the Clubhouse can help. Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers are here to assist children and their families as they navigate the challenges and emotional obstacles in their lives. Our program is designed to help families understand their experiences, foster growth, and find relief.

Our goal at The Clubhouse is to remove the barriers to mental health and counseling treatment, making it accessible and affordable for more people, and easing the burden of asking for help. We understand that every situation we encounter is unique, and that’s why our team is dedicated to developing a treatment plan together that is right for your family.

children in group aba therapy session

Childhood should be full of friends, fun, growth, and learning. Seeing a child fall behind their peers—whether in language, motor skills, social development, or reading—can be disheartening. Often, just trying to understand the source of the problem can be challenging and frustrating for parents.

Parents deserve a place where concerns are met with an understanding ear. Our therapeutic assessment and evaluation process doesn’t end with a written report in the mail; it serves as a beginning. We present the results in an understandable way and take the time to propose practical, individualized interventions which reflect the values and needs of the family.


Struggles with feeding and nutrition can disrupt normal development and impact cognitive development, physical strength, emotional and overall nutritional health. Causes vary greatly and include medical, oral motor, sensory, emotional and environmental factors. The Clubhouse is here to help create a positive mealtime experience for your family and put your child on the road to healthier eating.

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on improving gross motor skills by building muscle strength, flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and more. Physical therapists work with children of various backgrounds, including those with medical conditions, injuries, or those who have developed impairments. Our goal during physical therapy is to help your child regain their strength, mobility, independence, and confidence through targeted exercises, stretches, and more.

children in group aba therapy session

Early Intervention is a system of services and support available to children with developmental delays and disabilities, often under the age of 3 years old. Studies show that enrolling children into Early Intervention programs can significantly increase their ability to learn new skills, overcome challenges, and succeed in school and life. Early Intervention services are available in every state and offer services for free or reduced cost for eligible children. The Clubhouse offers two types of Early Intervention Services.


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