About us

Our Mission

The Clubhouse is a trio of interdisciplinary pediatric therapy clinics that specialize in the evaluation and treatment of children who require therapeutic support to meet their developmental milestones and achieve their full potential.

Through our integrative, play-based approach we help children find their voice, acquire crucial life skills, and gain independence while working with families and caregivers along the way.

At the Clubhouse, we simplify life for our families by offering multiple therapy specialties all under one roof. It is our mission to celebrate our clients’ strengths while fortifying them in their areas of need. We do this through communication and partnership with our families.

Care Driven By Compassion

The Clubhouse is the realization of our team’s professional dream — a center where families can help their children grow with pride and confidence. Founded over 20 years ago, the Clubhouse embodies the philosophy that communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. We know it takes a joint effort, combining the talents of highly trained professionals and family members, to guide children in reaching their potential.


Meet our team

Greg Sauder

Executive Director of Pediatric Therapies

Greg is a pediatric Occupational Therapist who has enjoyed the experience of making therapy fun and functional for over a decade. After earning his Bachelor’s degree from Bradley University in Peoria, IL and his Master’s in Occupational Therapy at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL, Greg served as Clinic Director for a team of pediatric therapists in the Chicago suburbs. With compassion and drive to meet clients where they are, Greg strives to improve their strengths while having fun. He particularly enjoys working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum as the smallest accomplishments can make the biggest changes in the lives of both the child and their family. In his free time, Greg especially loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys the outdoors, running, kayaking, traveling, and turning his basement into a sensory gym for his two young daughters.

Dianna Bosak

Dianna Bosak

Director of Outpatient Services

Dr. Dianna Bosak is a seasoned occupational therapist with a strong dedication to family-centered care. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Political Science from UIC and a doctorate in occupational therapy from Boston University. With extensive experience across various healthcare settings, including neonatal intensive care and pediatric and adult rehabilitation, Dr. Bosak is committed to delivering high-quality services. Her commitment extends beyond clinical practice, as she actively contributes to research as a research specialist at UIC, focusing on advancing client-centered care outcomes in pediatric re/habilitation. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and attending Polish cultural events.

Brianne Griffin

Occupational Therapy Lead

Brianne joined The Clubhouse in March 2017 with a passionate interest in pediatrics and early intervention. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and earned her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Governors State University in 2016. Brianne enjoys providing family-centered care and sharing in her clients’ joys when they meet a goal or become more independent. Her areas of interest include sensory integration, fine motor skills, play skills, handwriting, executive functioning, and self-regulation. Brianne enjoys mentoring the new OT hires and supervising graduate students during their fieldwork rotations. In her free time, Brianne enjoys cheering on Chicago sports teams, taking Peloton classes, going to country concerts, and traveling to new cities.

Kareen Billetter, Occupational Therapist

Kareen Billetter

Occupational Therapist

Kareen graduated from the University of New Hampshire with her Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy in 2020 and Master’s in Occupational Therapy in 2021. She was inspired to pursue OT following her younger brother’s ASD diagnosis and seeing the amazing things he accomplished with OT. Since graduating, Kareen has worked with pediatric clients throughout Chicago in the outpatient and school settings. She enjoys working with clients and their families to support what is most important to them through evidence-based and client-centered practice. Kareen enjoys supporting kids learning a variety of skills including fine and visual motor skills, sensory integration, self-regulation, executive functioning and cognition, and participation in activities of daily life. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants in Chicago, going to concerts, and traveling!

Rebeka Fried, Occupational Therapist

Rebeka Fried

Occupational Therapist

Rebeka graduated with her Masters of Occupational Therapy degree from Mount Mary University in August 2014 after receiving her Bachelor’s of Science from Mount Mary University in December of 2013. Since graduating, Rebeka has primarily worked in the school setting supporting a variety of learners in a multitude of programs. She has worked closely with students with a variety of diagnoses including Down Syndrome, ASD, ADHD, GAD, PTSD, and Developmentally Delayed. Rebeka has worked closely with the school’s ABA therapist as well as SLP and SW to provide support across all areas of need. Rebeka also works at an outpatient clinic with clients with a wide variety of diagnoses and enjoys providing family-centered and strengths-based therapy to meet clients where they’re at to help them reach their fullest potential. When not working, Rebeka loves spending time with her family. She loves reading a new book or completing a challenging puzzle. Her favorite thing to do on a long weekend is to relax and take her dog Olly on long walks.

Christine Chew

Occupational Therapist

Christine, MOT, OTR/L graduated with her Masters of Occupational Therapy degree from Chicago State University in December 2021 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Eastern Illinois University Charleston in May 2017. Since graduating, Christine has primarily worked in school and outpatient pediatric settings. She has worked closely with clients with a variety of diagnoses including Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Developmentally Delayed. Her passion is to provide client-centered, play-based, and strength-based interventions to improve independence to help generalize skills across a variety of environments. In her spare time, Christine loves spending time with her friends and family, singing, traveling, exercising, going to concerts, and exploring new restaurants.

Katie O’Connor

Occupational Therapist

Katie O’Connor, MOT, OTR/L graduated with her Masters of Occupational Therapy degree from The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in December 2016 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign in May 2014. Since graduating, Katie has primarily worked in the school setting supporting a variety of learners in a multitude of programs. She has worked closely with students with a variety of diagnoses including Down Syndrome, Autism, ODD, ADHD, and Developmentally Delayed. In addition to supporting fine and visual motor needs, Katie has worked closely with the various behavioral based programs, as well as the trauma-informed care program within her district. When not working, Katie loves spending time with her friends and family. She is constantly trying out new recipes in the kitchen or reading a new book. Her favorite thing to do on a long weekend is to explore new cities!

Jessica Tarence

Physical Therapy Program Lead

Jessica joined The Clubhouse in 2019 to provide physical therapy services privately in the clinic and through Early Intervention. She also provides PT services remotely via telehealth. She earned her Bachelor of Science in biology with a minor in psychology from Elizabethtown College in PA. She attended graduate school at Arcadia University and graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016. Throughout her career, Jessica has treated children with a variety of needs and diagnoses including Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, torticollis, plagiocephaly, idiopathic toe-walking, developmental delay/premature birth, and a variety of rare genetic conditions. Jessica enjoys seeing her clients meet new developmental milestones and reach functional goals to help them become more independent. She especially loves sharing those special moments with their families. In her free time, she loves going for walks with her dog Corey, indoor cycling, and volunteering with the “Crawlers and Walkers” group at Gigi’s Playhouse, a non-profit organization that serves individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.

Juliane Klinke

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Juliane joins the Clubhouse with 20 years of clinical social work experience. She received her bachelor’s degree in Human Services from National-Louis University, and her master’s degree in Social Work from Walla Walla University. Her clinical training for licensure was providing therapy for Native American public school students. Juliane has worked with therapeutic day school students of all ages, in prevention and private practice with children and families, and with seniors in retirement, and memory care. Juliane enjoys collaborating with parents to come alongside children for a play- based connection of solution-focused support. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, container gardening, and woodland walking with friends.

Erin Condon

Speech Therapy Lead

Erin earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Rush University. Erin joined the Clubhouse in 2021 and has provided speech-language therapy services at our clinic, in schools, and through Early Intervention. Erin enjoys having the opportunity to work with children of all ages in varied settings through the Clubhouse. She has specific interest in supporting early language, articulation, social communication, and language comprehension. Erin prioritizes functional goals and working with families/educators to promote generalization of therapy progress to home and school environments. In her free time, Erin enjoys cooking, playing board games, and exploring the city with family and friends. 

Michaela McCabe

Speech-Language Pathologist

Michaela received her undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders and vocal performance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her master’s degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Michaela has clinical experience providing support to children with a wide range of communication needs, including speech sound disorders, motor speech disorders, stuttering and cluttering, developmental language disorder, receptive/expressive language delay, and voice disorders. She is passionate about providing neurodiversity-affirming services that build on each individual’s unique communication strengths and allow them to interact authentically, confidently, and successfully with peers and adults. She greatly values working together with children, families, and educators to help facilitate successful communication across all environments.

Natalia Haberny

Speech-Language Pathologist

Natalia received her bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Rush University. She is bilingual English/Polish and knows from personal experience how important it is that people are given tools to express themselves. Natalia has worked in the schools with low-incidence populations, developing a special appreciation for functional language skills and for alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and reading pop science books.

Katherine Howard, Speech-Language Pathologist

Katherine Howard

Speech-Language Pathologist

Katherine, a proud Texas native, holds a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Baylor University. Katherine has experience spanning clinical settings, hospitals, and schools, and has worked with individuals of all ages, from early childhood to adulthood. Katherine’s favorite aspect of being a speech therapist is the opportunity to connect with and support families on their communication journey. She is passionate about various facets of speech-language pathology, but Katherine particularly enjoys building fundamental communication skills and working with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. Outside of her professional life, Katherine channels her energy into teaching indoor cycling classes and exploring new restaurants with her husband.

Mary Stanton

Director of School Services

Mary joined the Clubhouse in 2014. She earned her Masters degree from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, a top-ten graduate program with a nationally-recognized literacy specialization. Her primary areas of interest include dyslexia, articulation and phonological disorders, bilingual and bicultural services, expressive language delay, and health literacy. Mary has received training in evidence-based literacy programs including Wilson and Orton-Gillingham. She enjoys collaborating with families and teachers to support children’s communication in the home and school environments.

Fatima Huizar

Speech-Language Pathologist

Fatima is a speech-language pathologist who loves seeing the progress a child can make when both the therapist and family work together to provide support. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her master’s degree from Northern Illinois University. Fatima has been servicing students in the Archdiocese of Chicago for a decade. Her primary areas of interest include receptive and expressive language, pragmatics, articulation/phonology, and stuttering. Fatima is also a credentialed evaluator for Early Intervention and conducts bilingual evaluations for Spanish-speaking families.

Katie Ziltz

Speech-Language Pathologist

Katie completed her masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Saint Mary’s College in 2017. Since then, Katie has experience working with children and their families in the clinic, early intervention and school settings. Katie is excited to join the communication clubhouse team working in the catholic schools. In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new recipes and playing tennis!

Courtney Owens

Speech-Language Pathologist

Courtney joins the Clubhouse in her fifth year as a speech-language pathologist. She received her Bachelor’s degree in communications sciences and disorders from Illinois State University in 2016 and Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Saint Xavier University in 2019. Courtney found her niche with the pediatric population and has spent her career working with kiddos from birth-18 with a variety of communication disorders. She enjoys involving families in treatment to make sure that her patients can be successful in all functional settings. In her free time she loves spending time with her family and friends and traveling to new cities with her fiancé! She is excited to get started with the Clubhouse in the Catholic schools.

Jennifer Philip

Speech-Language Pathologist

Jennifer is a licensed and certified speech language pathologist with over twenty years experience in the field of pediatrics. She has worked with children across the age span, from Early Intervention (0-3 years) through adolescents in high school. Jennifer specializes in speech therapy services related to Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD), Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders, Social and Pragmatic Language, Autism, Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Selective Mutism (SM), Articulation, Phonological Awareness and Disorders, Executive Function, Cognitive Function, Fluency, Early Language Disorders. Jennifer received her bachelors and masters degrees from Northern Illinois University. She is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Illinois Speech Language Hearing Association (ISHA). She is a mother of four delightful children.

Lisa Mayberry

Speech-Language Pathologist

Lisa joins the Clubhouse with over 20 years of experience as a speech pathologist. Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders & Sciences from Eastern Illinois University and her master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Governors State University. Lisa joined the Clubhouse in December 2023 and is providing speech-language therapy services to the private/parochial schools in collaboration with Chicago Public Schools. Prior to coming to the Clubhouse she worked in schools, clinic setting, & provided speech services through Early Intervention (E.I.). Lisa has a strong background within the schools with both Service Plans & IEP’s. Lisa prioritizes functional goals and working with families/educators to promote generalization of therapy progress to home and school environments. In her free time, Lisa enjoys spending time with family & pets, reading, camping, & attending her sons’ various school events.

Jackie Elinski

Speech-Language Pathologist

Jackie Elinski has over 10 years of experience as an American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) accredited Speech-Language Pathologist. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Stockton University and her Master’s from Gallaudet University. Jackie has experience working with pediatrics (0-21 years of age) presenting with a variety of needs and has worked in long term care, private practice, early intervention, and school settings. Her continuing education experiences include: Social Thinking, PROMPT, Neuro Developmental Training, programming of AAC devices for basic communicators, apraxia and other motor speech disorders, assessment and therapy for multilingual individuals, language development for children birth to three years of age, language development for elementary school aged students, sensory processing, and sensory related feeding issues. Jackie has developed and led social skills groups for all ages, as well as language enriched preschool groups. Jackie is married and the mom to 3 young girls. In their free time her family likes to go on adventures both near and far.

Sumith Liju

Sumith Liju

Speech-Language Pathologist

Sumith received his Bachelor’s degree in communicative disorders with a minor in deafness from Northern Illinois University in 2021 and his Master’s degree from Midwestern University in 2023. Sumith has experience working with children from ages 3-12 years, as well as working with the geriatric population in a skilled nursing facility. He enjoys collaborating with families in determining the proper care for their loved ones. It gives him immense joy when his clients start to realize the progress they’ve made with their communication skills and he looks forward to helping kids achieve their goals at the Clubhouse! His areas of interest include articulation/phonological disorders, pragmatics, and expressive/receptive language skills. In his free time he loves to run, play soccer, and spend time with his family.

Kaitlyn Schoenstein

Director of ABA Services

Kaitlyn is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has provided ABA therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum since 2012. She received her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University and earned her BCBA certification in 2016. In her most recent role, Kaitlyn provided mentorship and support to ABA teams across multiple therapy clinics and supported the growth and development of those teams. Kaitlyn enjoys working with BCBAs to creatively plan for each child’s individual ABA program. She believes it is important to meet a child where they are; utilizing their interests and strengths to help them to develop pivotal skills for success in their day-to-day lives. When she’s not at work, Kaitlyn enjoys traveling, attempting to cook, reading, and enjoying time with her family, friends and her cat, Bailey.

Ann Bednar

Lead Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Downers Grove

Ann is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with experience providing ABA services in a variety of settings including private clinics, homes, and multidisciplinary outpatient facilities. Ann started her career in ABA over 6 years ago working as an RBT. She enjoys working closely with parents, caregivers, and other disciplines to create individual programming that is both functional and pivotal for the kids. Ann earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Aurora University followed by a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Purdue Global University. In her free time, Ann enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her husband and dog Paulie.

Caroline Passalino

Lead Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Chicago

Caroline earned her Bachelor’s degree in communications from University of North Carolina Wilmington. She then achieved her Master of Arts in Special Education with a concentration in ABA from Ball State University in 2021. Caroline has provided ABA services in several different settings including clinics, homes, as well as in schools. She has worked with children with a variety of special needs including those with Autism, Down syndrome, and traumatic brain injuries. Outside of work Caroline enjoys theater, pickle ball, and spending time with her fiancé, Ian and her dog, Beau.

Courtney Jones

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Chicago

Courtney graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and completed her Master’s in Psychology with a concentration in ABA from McNeese State University in May 2023. Courtney has been working in the field of ABA for about 4 years in both the clinic and home setting  and is passionate about helping children with autism reach their full potential. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, biking, and exploring the city with her friends.

Peter Oliveri

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Downers Grove

Peter received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University and his Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Arizona State University. He has been working with kids with autism and other various developmental disabilities for seven years in clinical, school, and in-home settings. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, 3D printing, Star Wars and Marvel movies, as well as working with his hands to create.

America Garrido

Registered Behavior Therapist, Downers Grove

America is currently an undergraduate at UIC majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Disabilities and Education focusing on Special Education. She has always wanted to work with individuals with disabilities because her younger brother is on the spectrum. Seeing the progress he has made over the years helped America realize that she wanted to be able to give children the skills needed to help achieve their full potential. She has been an RBT for two years and wants to continue her education in the ABA field and eventually become a BCBA. America loves seeing the progress the kiddos make and the sense of accomplishment both her and the child feel. Her favorite things to do in her free time are reading and spending time with loved ones.

Ewa Zyczkowska

Registered Behavior Therapist, Downers Grove

Ewa is currently an Arizona State University post-graduate student pursuing her Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification. She has a MA in Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology. She loves working with children of all ages. For the last five years, she has been working at an elementary school with students ranging grades K through 6. In her free time, Ewa enjoys running, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

Ashley Wynne

Registered Behavior Therapist, Downers Grove

Ashley is a Behavior Therapist who earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Argosy University and will be pursuing her master’s degree in applied Behavior Analysis in 2024. Between school, home and clinical settings, Ashley has been working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities for nearly four years. She loves forming relationships with her clients and their families and is passionate about teaching life and social skills to kids while nurturing each of their unique journeys through therapy. Some of her other passions outside of her career include cooking, traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Claire Economou

Registered Behavior Therapist, Downers Grove

Claire has been working with kids since 2010. Previously, Claire has worked in daycares and nannied, as well as worked in the ABA field since 2021. She enjoys watching children learn and grow! In her free time, Claire likes to paint, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Linzay Manuel, Registered Behavior Technician

Linzay Manuel

Registered Behavior Therapist, Downers Grove

Linzay received her B.A degree in Psychology and Communication at the University of South Africa. She is currently enrolled at Benedictine University, pursuing her master’s degree in clinical psychology. She worked at a therapeutic day school as a paraprofessional for almost 3 years, with a neurodivergent population and has 2 years of RBT experience working in-home and clinic. Linzay finds great satisfaction in forming relationships with children and their families; it is her passion to help children thrive and become independent individuals. In her free time, she enjoys playing on her billiards team, being a foodie, taking nature walks and spending quality time with friends and family.

Maritza Rabadan

Registered Behavior Therapist, Chicago

Maritza is an undergraduate student from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She has five years of experience working with kids with autism in at-home and center settings. Her interests focus on mental health and early child development, and she hopes to continue growing in her career and become a BCBA. When she is not working, she is spending time with family, taking jogs by the lake, or playing with makeup.

Lindsey Olivera

Registered Behavior Therapist, Chicago

Lindsey joined the Clubhouse after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. She currently attends Northwestern University as she works towards her Masters degree in Counseling. As an RBT, Lindsey is devoted to creating a fun and innovate learning environment for her kiddos to ensure positive growth. Outside of the Clubhouse, you can catch Lindsey hiking, painting, or browsing through markets and antique shops with her family and friends.

Christopher Sawyer

Behavioral Therapist

Christopher Sawyer received his B.S degree in Criminal Justice from St. Johns University in New York City. During his time there he began working with individuals with developmental disabilities. After developing a love for this population, he decided to make it his new career path. Chris has a strong passion for working with children with ASD. Christopher is currently enrolled at Purdue University where he is pursuing a Masters of ABA with the goal of becoming a BCBA. Chris enjoys jogging, reading, long walks, and martial arts.

Ryan McMicking, Registered Behavior Technician

Ryan McMicking

Registered Behavior Therapist, Chicago

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2021 and is working toward becoming a BCBA. He has been working with children on the spectrum since he was 17, and over his studies, he became very passionate about helping children learn and reach their full potential. When he’s not at work, Ryan is normally spending time with his partner, going to museums, and reading science fiction.

Ivanna Okoya-Thomas, Behavioral Therapist

Ivanna Okoya-Thomas

Registered Behavior Therapist, Chicago

Ivanna is an undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago. She has worked in ABA for over a year and loves working with children. In her free time, she likes to read, write books, and play with her kitten, Tsuya.

Jamyah Dorsey

Jamyah Dorsey

Behavioral Therapist, Chicago

Jamyah is a behavior therapist that recently joined Clubhouse after previously working for The Place for Children with Autism. She is on a journey to go back to school to further her education in Human Development and in the future she see herself eventually becoming an BCBA. She has two nephews who have both been diagnosed with autism and they are the motivation behind her wanting to further her career in this field. Between being a first time mom and school she has been working with children with autism for nearly 3 years. She loves forming a relationship with her kiddos and loves to see her kids grow and advance. Her favorite things to do in her free time are cooking, singing, and being a mom.

Taylor Sprague

Behavioral Therapist, Chicago

Taylor Sprague is a dedicated and results-driven professional with two years of experience working with populations with autism. Taylor is passionate about helping people and is committed to delivering high-quality work and exceeding expectations. With strong communication and problem-solving skills, he thrives in fast-paced environments and enjoys collaborating with colleagues to achieve shared goals.

Ava Scharneck

Registered Behavior Therapist, Chicago

Ava has been working with kids since 2017 and working with neurodiverse kids since 2021. She joins the Clubhouse after working at a therapeutic day school where she got her paraprofessional certification while working as a therapeutic assistant and behavior therapist. She has been a Registered Behavior Technician since January 2022. She has two cousins with developmental disabilities that have helped her see the world differently. She has a passion for inclusion and wants to work with large inclusion initiatives specifically for children. She loves to travel, especially to Disneyland, and also loves hanging out with friends and knitting in her free time.

Jaina Siemienkowicz

Registered Behavior Therapist, Chicago

Jaina has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Butler University and has three years of experience working with children and teens on the spectrum. She previously worked with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, and found her passion for working with younger kiddos there. Jaina loves teaching through creative play and joyful activities, and helping children find independence through language and other communication methods. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, thrifting, spending time in nature, dancing, and quality time with friends.

Emily Bauer

Director of Talent & Business Operations

Emily has worked in multiple medical settings for more than five years including, OB/GYN, neurology, and chiropractic services. She is a nationally accredited CMA since 2014 and has been in office management for the last three years. Pediatric therapy has always had a special place in her heart, as her mother has been a pediatric occupational therapist for over 35 years. Emily is dedicated to finding innovative and efficient solutions while providing passionate care to her team and clients. In her free time, she loves to hike, travel, and crochet while watching her favorite tv shows.

Morgan Breyaert

ABA Program Coordinator, Chicago

Morgan graduated from Ball State University in May 2020 with a Bachelors in ABA, and has been working in the field since October 2020. Morgan grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has been living in the city for a year and a half. Outside of work, she adores spending time with her 2 greyhounds, finding new restaurants to eat at, and traveling! Morgan is excited to meet all of our families and work with the amazing children at the Clubhouse!

Grace Rios

ABA Program Coordinator, Downers Grove

Grace joined the Clubhouse in 2024. Previously Grace has worked in Early Childhood Development, as a preschool teacher. She also has her own photography business and specializes in weddings and portraits. Grace loves working with people and providing families with the resources they need for ABA. Outside of work Grace loves to spend time with her partner & their cat, play video games and travel!

Cheri Ann Taylor

Clinic Coordinator, Downers Grove

Cheri Ann has an education from St. Ambrose University, and is working toward her license in Pastoral Studies. She joined The Clubhouse with many years of experience in administration and logistics. Her extensive experience working as a leader in the youth ministry has provided a foundation for working in a pediatric environment. Cheri Ann’s work goals are to keep the therapists and team members equipped with the tools they need to provide an exceptional experience for the kids. At home, Cheri Ann enjoys crafting, going on mission trips, and providing leadership with teenagers in youth ministry, while finding time to spend with her husband and dog.

Yvonne Sorby

Clinic Coordinator, Chicago

Prior to starting at the Clubhouse in 2016, Yvonne was an office manager for several years. She loves seeing how much the kids enjoy coming to the Clubhouse and watching the progress that they make.

Susan Fitzpatrick

Assistant Clinic Manager, Chicago

Susan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She joined the Clubhouse in 2015. Prior to joining the team Susan worked as an Administrative Assistant in the plastics industry, and spent time being a stay at home mom. She loves getting to know the children and seeing them progress. In her spare time she enjoys travel and family time watching movies.

Sarah Steele

Front Desk Coordinator, Chicago

Sarah joins the Clubhouse this summer after previously working in a rehab setting with a love for working with pediatric patients. Sarah is committed to making the work environment as bright as possible, both in her attitude and clothing. Outside of work, she loves bowling, chess, and exploring the city! She hopes to make an impact both in the company and through helping as many people as possible.

Alyssa Rodriguez

Alyssa Rodriguez

Front Desk Coordinator, Downers Grove

Alyssa is currently an undergraduate kinesiology student at Concordia University Chicago and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, with a focus on improving the lives of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome population through exercise therapy. Following her bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue her doctorate in physical therapy with clinical specialties in the pediatric and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome populations. She joins the Clubhouse with great enthusiasm due to her passion for providing quality and empathetic care to families and kids in therapy services. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys singing, staying active, and cooking!