Sensory Bin Ideas for Toddlers

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Sensory bins are a great way to have fun and develop new skills! Sensory bins provide calming tactile input which helps with attention and self-regulation. There are endless possibilities for sensory bin play – below are a few ideas to get you started! Modifications and creativity are encouraged!


1. Veggie Garden Sensory Bin

Supplies needed:

  • Plastic bin
  • Black beans
  • Small flower pots
  • Plastic garden tools
  • Small rocks
  • Plastic watering can
  • Plastic veggies

Children can develop fine motor skills by scooping the beans to fill the little pots. Watering the pots, watching the veggies “grow,” and harvesting the veggies are all fun ways to develop pretend play skills.


2. Farm Animal Sensory Bin

Supplies needed:

  • Plastic bin
  • Dry pasta
  • Small farm animal toys
  • Plastic eggs

Opening plastic eggs to discover what animals are hiding inside is a great way to work on bilateral coordination and fine motor skills! Combine this activity with the song “Old McDonald Had a Farm” for added sensory input!


3. Construction Sensory Bin

Supplies needed:

  • Plastic bin
  • Rice or sand
  • Trucks
  • Rocks
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Plastic shovel

Scooping and driving trucks through the rice works on grasp and hand-eye coordination. Toilet paper tubes can be used as chutes to fill trucks with rocks or rice.


We hope you enjoyed these DIY sensory bin ideas! If you liked this post, you may also enjoy our “Halloween Play Ideas” blog which includes more fun sensory and fine motor activities!


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By: Sarah Alter, MS, OTR/L

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