4 Fun and Creative Ways to Practice Prepositions

Understanding and using spatial concepts, such as prepositions, is an early language skill that is often targeted in speech therapy. The ability to describe and understand location allows your child to expand their vocabulary and follow more complex directions in their everyday life. Keep reading for some functional ideas to help reinforce location preposition concepts with your child while having fun!

Prepositions at the Playground: You can play fun games like “Simon Says” with your child at the playground to target many prepositions including: on, off, under, on top of, inside, and behind. While you are “Simon”, give your child prompts like “Simon says hide under the slide” or “Simon says sit on the swing”. Then, have your child take a turn being Simon! Encourage them to use prepositions while describing the location they want you to go to. You can make this easier for them by giving them choices (“Should I go over or under something? Should I go under the slide or the seesaw?”). 

Sticker Pictures: Have your child make a fun scene on a blank piece of paper using crayons and stickers! Your child can begin by drawing a background and then add stickers to create an imaginary world. While putting the stickers on the page, have your child describe where they are putting them using prepositions. You can also make this a following directions game by describing where to put the stickers (ex: “Put the dog sticker next to the tree”). Worried about waste? There are also reusable sticker packs that you can use over and over again!

Drawing Directions: This creative game is great for kids who love art! In this game, you give verbal instructions for drawing a specific picture without telling your child what you are describing. As you describe, you can use prepositions to describe the objects in relation to one another. For example, if you are having your child draw a cat you can tell them to “Draw a circle and then draw a long oval directly under the circle so that their tops are connected”. This game can target many concepts including following directions, using descriptive language, and using prepositions. It is tricky and lots of fun!

Scavenger Hunt: Target prepositions on a scavenger hunt around your house or neighborhood. Create a list of 10-15 prompts that include prepositions and have your child go on an adventure! For example, a clue could be “Start at the door, walk towards the kitchen, and look under the object directly to your right”. You can tailor the scavenger hunt so that it challenges your child while still being fun and engaging.

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Written by Erin Condon M.S., CF-SLP

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