Activities for Kids Using Plastic Eggs


Spring is here and that means Easter is right around the corner! Here are some fun activities that you can do at home with your kids using plastic eggs. The activities listed below target the development of gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, bilateral coordination, and sensory processing skills. These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a great way for kids to have fun and develop new skills. Sensory bins provide tactile input to increase self-regulation and attention. Here is one idea for an Easter themed sensory bin that you can create at home. Creativity and modification are encouraged!

Supplies needed:

  • Plastic bin
  • Plastic eggs
  • Colored rice or shredded crinkle grass
  • Tongs, spoons, or shovels
  • Assorted toys (e.g. bunnies, chicks, carrots, pom-poms)

Children can develop fine motor skills by using tongs or spoons to scoop up the eggs. Using toy bunnies or chicks to hop through the rice or grass are fun ways to develop pretend play skills.

Matching Activities

Colors – Using plastic colored eggs can be a great way to learn color recognition. Begin with the tops/bottoms of the eggs mixed up or separated then ask your child to match a specific color. This activity promotes a variety of skills including fine motor, visual motor, and bilateral coordination.

Sounds – You can also use plastic eggs to challenge your child’s ability to recognize different types of sounds. Fill the eggs with a variety of items (e.g. rice, noodles, coins, pom-poms) and have your child shake the eggs. Ask them to describe what it sounds like and identify what’s inside. Opening plastic eggs to discover what’s inside is a great way to work on bilateral coordination and fine motor skills.

Egg Hunt

Having an egg hunt is a great indoor/outdoor activity that promotes gross motor and fine motor skills. You can make it into a treasure hunt for direction following – each egg gives a clue as to where the next egg is hidden. You can also fill each egg with a gross motor skill (e.g. hop, skip, jump) and have your child perform that skill once they open the egg.


by Ashley Weppner, MOT, OTR/L

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