6 Fun Indoor Movement Activities for Rainy April Days

indoor movement activities for kids

children playing inside on a rainy day

We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” but what that saying doesn’t tell us is that rainy days mean more time inside for our little ones and us. It can be challenging to have endless activities to keep kids entertained, off of their devices, and away from the TV, so we’ve compiled a few ideas that will help keep your kids entertained and engaged in movement!


  • Obstacle Courses: Encourage your kids to build obstacle courses they can move through. Half the fun will be creating the path. They can use couches, chairs, tables, and pillows – anything that allows them to climb over, crawl under, jump across, or maneuver through in a safe way. You will be impressed with your child’s creativity and ability to create a path that they will enjoy moving through!
  • Freeze Dance: Everyone loves a good dance party, and even moms and dads need to get their wiggles out every once in a while. Put on some music and dance it out with your kids, until you yell freeze. Everyone needs to hold the position they are in until you say dance again. The giggles might be louder than the music during this one! 
  • Movement Videos: During telehealth sessions, one of my favorite resources to use is YouTube. There are endless movement videos of all different lengths. My favorite pages to follow are Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga. With videos for all ages and abilities, these are sure to keep your little ones moving. Need 30 minutes to prep dinner? Turn on a yoga video and watch your kids focus on their bodies and exercises for 30 minutes without you having to lead the activity!
  • Hide-and-Seek: A classic but always a favorite! Hide and Seek is a great way to get your kids to engage in movement in creative ways. There are many ways to play the change up this tried and true formula, including blindfolds, removing spots already used, including a timer for faster seeking, and more! Try incorporating some of these twists to encourage your child to find a better place than their siblings or friends and be the last one found. 
  • Treasure Hunts: Create a list of items you know are in your house but make it random and creative (one cotton ball, one band-aid, one blue pen, one brown sock, one rubber spatula, etc.). Your kids have to go about and find the objects either together and a team or individually (whoever can find them fastest wins). Make sure the items are specific enough they will have to hunt but that they will be able to access them (nothing on really high shelves or cabinets).  This will ensure that they can find them on their own if they search hard enough. If they need an incentive, give a prize to the winner (maybe an extra snack or 5 extra minutes of screen time). 
  • Animal Walks: I find that this activity is always a favorite with kids! They love pretending to be animals. Give the kids a starting spot and an ending spot, then give them the name of an animal. They have to walk down and back like that animal! Things like bear walk, frog jump, kangaroo hop, bunny hop, and snake slither are usually favorites and then I like to switch it up. Use unique animals and see if they can come up with their own challenging way to move like that animal. If you get stumped there are plenty of resources online for all different types of animals!For more ideas on fun and engaging indoor activities, check out another favorite here!

    Written by Jenny Zapinski MSOT, OTR/L


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