How to choose an ABA provider

how to chose aba


7 Questions to Ask When Searching for an ABA Provider

Parents who have chosen ABA therapy for their child are making a significant investment in time and financial resources.  Choosing an ABA provider is an extremely important decision.  Here’s a checklist of questions that parents should consider asking before selecting an ABA provider:

▢ Is the company multidisciplinary?

Do they offer other services that you need?  (Speech, OT, etc.)  Continuity of care is greatly enhanced when providers are collaborative partners in your child’s therapeutic journey.

▢ Center-based services available?

Does the provider offer both home and center based services?  There is evidence to support that enhanced learning and social development occurs in center based environments – and your provider should be willing to bridge your services between home, center and school.

▢ Supervision and Family Training

This is extremely important.  Ask the provider “what percentage of time will the BCBA be directly supervising the technicians – face to face”.  Will my family be given individualized training? Don’t accept services that are poorly supervised or don’t include family support.


Who is the BCBA that will be overseeing your child’s programming and assessments?  

▢ Technician (ABA Therapist)

What is the level of training and experience?  Is she/he an RBT (Registered Behavioral Technician)?  Is he/she possibly in Graduate school?  Do they have experience?  Check out their level of training and experience!  Illinois currently does not regulate/license BCBA’s or the technicians so it is vital that you ask questions!

▢ Pairing of children with therapists

Does the BCBA carefully match your child’s needs to a technician?  Or does a central scheduling department simply “assign” people to clients without knowing the family?

▢ Billing

Does your provider provide transparency with the billing process?  ABA, due to the intensity, involves large dollar volumes – and should be carefully monitored.  Does the provider offer financial discounts or payment plans when appropriate?  Ask about multi-therapy discounts for your child.

The Clubhouse is a therapist owned company in it’s 18th year of business and has served thousands of families since 2002.  ABA therapy was thoughtfully infused into our multi-disciplinary model with quality outcomes as the overriding factor.  We have three beautiful centers in Chicago and the suburbs and also serve children in the home and school settings when appropriate. 

Are you in need of ABA therapy in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs? If so, contact us today to see if we’re the right fit for your family!


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Discover how our autism treatment services can help you

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