Therapy Specialties

Everything Your Child Needs Under One Roof

Our multi-disciplinary, integrated team of professionals empower parents to enhance the lives of their family members. It’s our mission to celebrate a client’s strengths while fortifying them in their areas of need. We do this through partnership with the family.

Communication Clubhouse ABA Services Picture

ABA Academy

At the Clubhouse, we center every aspect of ABA treatment around connection, both inside and outside of our clinics. We are erasing the lines of disconnection in favor on connecting services, teams, families, kids and philosophies in one program.

Our innovative and proprietary programming allows kids and families to benefit from infused strategies across disciplines, true team collaboration, improved continuity of care and greater convenience.

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Developmental Therapy Services

Our therapists assess, create, and implement goals to identify a child’s strengths to support areas that challenge them. These areas of development include social-emotional, cognitive, language and communication, fine and gross motor skills, and self-help skills.

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Speech Therapy Services

As a company owned and operated by a Speech-Language Pathologist,  the Clubhouse embodies the philosophy that communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. Our programs focus on:

      • listening skills
      • language comprehension
      • verbal expression
      • speech production
      • phonological awareness
      • auditory processing
      • and the very important social use of language!

With a diverse staff specializing in various disorders and delays, we’re eager to get started with your child today!

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Feeding Therapy & Nutrition Services

Struggles with feeding and nutrition can disrupt normal development and impact cognitive development, physical strength, emotional and overall nutritional health. Causes vary greatly and include medical, oral motor, sensory, emotional and environmental factors. Our feeding & nutrition team is here to help create a positive mealtime experience for your family and put your child on the road to healthier eating.

Communication Clubhouse Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Picture

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Led by the founder of Communication Clubhouse, our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program  takes pride in advocating for your family’s choice by offering an array of options.

We have a high degree of expertise in the areas of cochlear implants, cued speech, ASL and other signed communications, auditory oral approaches and auditory verbal techniques.

Communication Clubhouse Occupational Therapy Program Picture

Occupational Therapy Services

Our OT’s are specialized in the treatment of pediatrics and offer families practical solutions for home and school. Led by Department Chair Natalie Loewe, M.S., OTR/L, the clubhouse offers Individual and Group Therapy, free workshops for families and we train other professionals in the community on the complex issues associated with Sensory dysfunction.

Communication Clubhouse Physical Therapy Program Picture

Physical Therapy Services

Our pediatric PT’s help children reach their highest functional potential! A typical PT session can focus on strength, range of motion/flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, stair negotiation, gait patterns, and sometimes, sport-specific or play skills, but the list goes on and on depending on the patient’s age, diagnosis, and functional level.

Parents holding child- Image for Lactation Consulting Page for Communication Clubhouse Therapy

Lactation Consulting

Our lactation counseling services cover a wide variety of areas, from planning before birth all the way to transitioning to solid foods.  Lactation support can vary based on your individual needs, ranging from a single session to ongoing weekly appointments. We understand that every journey is unique, and we can help you develop a plan that’s right for your family.

Social Worker and child sitting next to eachother, reading a book. - Decorative image for Communication Clubhouse Therapy Social Work Page

Social Work

Our goal at The Clubhouse is to remove the barriers to treatment, making it accessible and affordable for more people, and ease the burden of asking for help. We understand that every situation we encounter is unique, that’s why our team is dedicated to developing a treatment plan together that is right for your family.