The Power of Speech Therapy: Celebrating National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

parent working with child on speech therapy

In honor of National Speech-Language-Hearing Month, let’s dive into the significance of speech therapy in enhancing lives. Speech therapy isn’t just about correcting speech delays/disorders; it’s about empowering individuals to express themselves confidently, connect with others authentically, and navigate the world with greater ease. Whether it’s aiding children in mastering language milestones or supporting in overcoming communication barriers, speech therapy plays a pivotal role in fostering independence, self-esteem, and social success.  

From the moment they begin to babble their first words to articulating complex thoughts and ideas, speech therapy guides children along each crucial stage of language development. Therapists provide tailored interventions that not only address issues such as overcoming challenges like stuttering and articulation disorders, or address language delays/disorders, but also nurture the child’s confidence and love for communication.  

Confident expression, especially encouraged at an early age, can lay the groundwork for future success. Speech therapy allows children to learn that asserting themselves confidently is something to be proud of, which can have a positive effect in various social and professional contexts as they advance through life.  

The impact of speech therapy extends far past just communication as well. It’s about fostering meaningful connections and relationships. For children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or social communication disorders, speech therapy provides tools for navigating social interactions, understanding nonverbal cues, and building friendships. This helps to equip children with the skills they need to thrive in a world that often feels overwhelming.  

Speech therapy also has an impact on emotional regulation in children. Those who struggle with communication often experience frustration and anxiety when expressing their thoughts or feelings. This has a direct impact on their emotional well-being and sometimes their behavior as well. Through therapeutic techniques, children with these struggles can learn strategies to not only manage these emotions, but also address the communication struggles causing those feelings. By enhancing their speech and language skills, children can express their thoughts and emotions more clearly, which strengthens everyday relationships. This improved ability to articulate allows children to navigate academic and social environments with newfound ease and confidence.  From initiating and sustaining more natural interactions with peers and adults to feeling more confident to take part in classroom activities, the benefits of speech therapy are endless. 

Now, let’s hear directly from our speech therapists as they share the importance of speech therapy and experiences in helping children unlock their communication potential: 

“Speech therapy is important for children because it helps them develop essential communication skills necessary for everyday interactions. Through speech therapy, children can improve their articulation, language comprehension, and language expression abilities, which enables them to clearly express their wants, needs, and opinions. In addition, early intervention in speech therapy can prevent potential academic and social challenges later in life. As a speech therapist, I find fulfillment in facilitating this progress, knowing that language and communication serve as the cornerstone for all learning and social interaction throughout life. Helping children achieve their potential in communication empowers them to navigate the world with confidence and success.” 

– Michaela McCabe, M.A., CCC-SLP 


“One of my favorite things about being a speech therapist is getting to see kids progress with their communication skills until they are using them independently. It’s rewarding to get to know clients, help them learn, and see them communicate with more confidence and ease. I also enjoy integrating play-based learning and collaboration with other disciplines, like occupational and physical therapy, to support kids’ growth. It keeps everyday fun and interesting!” 

– Mary Stanton, MS, CCC-SLP 


“My favorite part of being a speech therapist happens when a client has a breakthrough with their language or articulation. I love seeing how proud older kids are when they finally master a really tricky sound or how excited parents are to hear their toddler’s first word! These milestones serve as a great reminder of the impact speech and language have our clients and their families every day.” 

– Erin Condon, M.S., CCC-SLP 


This National-Speech-Language-Hearing month let’s celebrate the impact of speech therapy and the dedicated professionals who make it possible. Here’s to our speech therapists at The Clubhouse, thank you all for that you do.  

Written by Sarah Steele  

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