How to Improve Speech and Language Skills Using Tupperware

Improve Language Skills Using Tupperware

Tupperware can be for more than dinner leftovers! Working on speech and language skills can be easy with tools and materials, like Tupperware, that you already have around your house. Below are some easy ways to improve your child’s speech and language without breaking the bank.

Functional Words

  • In/Out: Tupperware can be used to put in and take out a variety of things including flashcards, pictures, puzzle pieces, small toys, and more. See if your child will follow your directions when you say “put the dog in/out.” Then as you continue to practice in/out and your child reaches to put in or take something out, put the lid over the container to see if they will spontaneously use “in” or “out.”

  • Open/Close: You can continue to play with Tupperware by reinforcing understanding of open/shut using the lid of the Tupperware to demonstrate the meaning. Say “open” when you lift the lid to put items in, then, say “close” when you shut the lid. See if your child will start to request the action to put in/take out toys while playing. 


Speech Sound Targets

  • Printed Pictures/Physical Objects: Print pictures or find small objects containing target speech sounds to practice. You can have your child randomly pick out a picture or object from the Tupperware and practice the target.

  • Scavenger Hunt: Hide small pictures/objects around a room in your house for your child to find. Once they locate the item, they can practice their sound and put it in the Tupperware container, and continue on.

To see if your child’s speech and language skills are on track, check out our developmental milestones.

Written by Michelle Konecki M.S., CF-SLP

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