Hot Ideas for Engaging Your Toddler in Summer Books

By Natalie Lay, M.A., CCC-SLP

The summer heat is coming and now is the chance to hop over to the library check out Don’t Touch, It’s Hot by David Algrim. Since summer can bring boiling temperatures (but as Chicagoans we embrace them after our winters that seem to be forever long!!!), it is the perfect chance to teach your child what is means to be hot!

Don’t Touch, It’s Hot will capture your child’s attention, as he or she will be able to interact with the fun features on each page of the book. The predictable course of this story will also allow your child to be an active participant in developing his or her early reading skills. You and your child can have fun with this book as you read about all of the kitchen appliances that are used to generate heat and cook our food. From waffles to corn on the cob, you will teach your child about different foods we eat. I hope I haven’t gotten anyone too hungry…

There are many ideas and concepts to teach your child when reading aloud to him or her. Here are my top 5 sizzling suggestions:

  • Vary your intonation as you read.  This will create anticipation in your child and get your child excited about what comes next!
  • Blow! Blow! Blow! … A simple thing we do when our food is too hot. Let your child blow on the pictures of the food. This is also great practice for lip rounding.
  • Encourage your child to expand his or her understanding and use of description words, as children get to feel or smell something on each page (the squishy marshmallow is my favorite!)
  • Look for pictures in magazines of things that are hot and things that are cold.
  • This book is quite fun, so don’t forget to remind your child about the dangers of a hot stove. It is great practice in asking for help.

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Discover how our autism treatment services can help you

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