ABA Therapy – Connecting the Pieces in Autism

By The Clubhouse

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy can be a highly effective piece of the support services for kids on the Autism Spectrum.

Over the last several decades, ABA therapy has been typically provided by companies who are highly specialized in ABA – but often did not have licensed OT’s, SLP’s and other professionals on staff. Yet, many children on the Autism Spectrum receive all of these services.  This can result in a disconnection between providers due to limited collaborative teamwork.  When providers are all located within one team – at one company – the collaboration is much more likely to be seamless and cohesive.

The Clubhouse is proud to announce the Autism Connections Program.  Our BCBA, with more than 16 years of varied experience working with kids, will serve as the Director of Behavioral Services.  We will be erasing the lines of disconnection in favor of connecting services, teams, families, kids and philosophies in one program.  Our innovative and proprietary programming allows kids and families to benefit from infused strategies across disciplines, true team collaboration, improved continuity of care and greater convenience.  Our programming bridges services between the center and the home – based on each individual child.  Family training and continuity of clinical planning is a cornerstone of our beliefs and vision.

The Clubhouse celebrates our 15th year in Illinois by bringing it all together for our families.  Think Connections.  Connecting all the pieces that must come together for the best outcomes for kids on the autism spectrum!

Questions:  Call (773) 205-8505 and ask about our new integrated services.


Discover how our autism treatment services can help you

Discover how our autism treatment services can help you

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