3 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Your Child

Kids Making Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If your child is feeling the boredom of staying home, then you might want to get creative and engage them in a fun Valentine’s themed activity to help make this holiday feel special. Here are three easy crafts and activities you can do with your child to keep them busy and learning this Valentine’s Day.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

This craft is so simple, and you likely already have the materials on hand. Use your empty toilet paper rolls and gently fold them into the shape of a heart. Put a piece of tape on top to help keep the shape. Have your child pick out paint colors and use the roll to stamp the hearts on paper. This is a great activity to throw in some language practice. Your child can work on color vocabulary and can practice requesting while having fun together. If your child is working on their speech, they can practice their sounds each time they make a stamp.

Get Moving with Hearts

You can use cut-outs of heart shapes to help your child get moving. Use felt or construction paper of a variety of colors and cut in the shape of a heart. Scatter them along the floor and give your child directions to play a modified Twister game! This game is a fun and simple way to work on your child’s gross motor skills as well as following directions. 

Handprint Bouquets

Sensory play with paint can be a great way to have fun for many kids! Have your child make a few handprints out of paint and then cut these out to arrange a special Valentine’s Day bouquet. Support your child’s expressive language in this activity by having your child describe their bouquet and talk about who they want to give it to. 

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Written by: Melanie Krupowicz, M.S., CCC-SLP

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