Occupational Therapy 5 Minute Screener- sensory

Check any statements that apply. If three or more items are checked or if caregiver expresses distress over the intensity of any particular item, the child may be appropriate for an Occupational Therapy screening or evaluation.

As an infant, did the child skip creeping (on hands and knees) or refuse tummy time?

Does the child toe walk much of the time?

Is the child hesitant about reaching across to the other side of his/her body to reach for toys?

Does the infant or child appear or feel ‘stiff’ or ‘floppy’?

Does the child seem to not use two hands together to complete tasks?

Does the child display a short attention span for their age, especially for play or fine motor tasks/ seem to jump from toy to toy?

Does the child seem to have weak hands?

Does the child seem to use inefficient grasps for holding or manipulating toys, especially small items?

Is the child a picky eater, such that nutrition is a concern?

Does the child appear particularly sensitive to temperatures or textures?

Does the child fight face-washing or teeth-brushing?

Does the child resist getting hands dirty or participating in ‘messy’ play?

Does the child have difficulty with transitions or seem over-attached to routines?

Does the child appear to have weak muscles or low endurance for their age?

Does the child seem clumsy, often bumping into objects, dropping things, etc?

Does the child demonstrate poor attention span, focus, or participation at home, school, or in the community?

Does the child seem to not “tune in” to what is being said?

Does the child seem to not understand what is being said?

Does the child seek out, or strongly avoid, certain types of movement, touch, mouthing or biting of objects, or sound play?

Does the child seek out unusual forms of movement, touch, oral, or auditory exploration or play?

Does the child demonstrate repetitive play or echolalic speech (repeating back what has been said)?

Do you have concerns about the child’s ability to feed or dress him/herself?

Is the child extremely particular about what type of clothing he/she will wear, sometimes requiring clothing that is inappropriate for the weather?

Does the child seem to have difficulty making friends, preferring solitary play or interaction with adults?

Does the child avoid eye contact?

Does the child seem to have a significantly decreased awareness of pain or temperature?

Does your child appear unusually sensitive to sounds?

Does the child tend to avoid playground equipment?

Does the child tend to be impulsive, sometimes to the point of concern for safety?

Does the child seem to always be moving or fidgeting?

Does the child easily become frustrated or angry?

Does the child become aggressive for no apparent reason; headbanging, screaming, hitting, etc.?