Grants & Financial Help

Our goal at the Clubhouse is to provide as much support and access to resources as we can for our families. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some beneficial grants and financial assistance programs that are available to families throughout Illinois. We encourage you to explore the options below to see if your family is eligible.

Financial Help for Pediatric Therapy

Special Angels Foundation Grant provides help covering medical expenses for assistive equipment and therapeutic needs.

United Healthcare invites families with an insurance plan to apply for their Children’s Foundation Grant for additional assistance of up to $5000.

The Cerner Charitable Foundation provides assistance for therapeutic, equipment, and travel needs based on your level of need, income, and family size.

Small Steps in Speech provides financial assistance for children between 3 and 22 years of age at the time of the application deadline and families with a combined household income under $100,000

The Arc of Illinois has compiled a comprehensive list of various organizations that offer financial assistance to families of children with medical needs.

Little Wins is a marketplace for new and used medical equipment, supplies, and more. Buy, sell, or donate your goods here.

Girl in a Wheelchair on a dock, sitting across from girl in a chair

Financial Help for Children with ASD

Chicago Autism Network provides a list of financial resources available in Chicago, including a link for free ASD diagnostic evaluations.

Chicago Autism Network also offers a grant for anyone living in Illinois with a diagnosis of ASD.

Autism Speaks lists out a number of Nationwide programs that can help cover expenses for a variety of needs, including assistive equipment and various therapeutic needs.

The Autism Hero Project offers financial assistance for anyone in Illinois that has a diagnosis of ASD. Certain restrictions apply in regards to your insurance plan.

Autism Care Today offers a grant for children with ASD to cover therapy. Additional applications for military families and for emergency need.

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